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Toof-inger Toothbrush

Are you struggling with gum recession? Do you find your mouth bleeds when you brush your teeth?  Are you concerned that you may have to undergo expensive and painful surgery to help reverse the damage to your gums?

Are you afraid your gums may end up looking like the picture on the left? Are you unsure how to resolve the issue? 
Example of Gingival Recession       Healthy Gums
Example of gingival recession                         Example of healthy gums

We urge you to WATCH THE VIDEO below with inventor Steven Wather and learn how his product the Toof-inger Brush can completely transform how you brush your teeth and help you fight the issue of gum recession.

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Toof-inger Brush
Toof-inger Brush
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The Toof-inger Brush™ is an everyday toothbrush that helps prevent gingival recession by limiting the amount of pressure that can be applied while brushing. The unique handle of The Toof-inger Brush™ is designed to be held with the use of just 2 or 3 fingers, and comfortably controlled at any brushing orientation.

This toothbrush has a compact-sized head with extra soft bristles. It is currently available in four different color: red, blue, pink, and green.

The Toof-inger Brush™ is the perfect toothbrush to have in any dental office and it is a great way to engage your patients and inform them about the potential risk of over brushing and the permanent damage it can cause to their gums. 

We do offer professional pricing on the Toof-inger Brush™ at quantities of 50 and 250.
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2. Eye Mask (12 Per Case)  Eye Mask (12 Per Case)
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"It is great to have a reliable product with our clinic name to be seen every time a patient uses it."
-Dr. Linda Weidler 
Louisburg Chiropractic Center

“The Ice packs have been really well received in the market place and make a great accessory to our line of products. They are easy to use , feel comfortable and stay cold for longer.”

Ben Schwartz, COO