Simplified Parts of the Tooth Chart

Simplified Parts of the Tooth Chart

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Product Attributes: Creating visual impact, this product is a highly accurate, patient appropriate anatomical image of various aspects of the Simplified Parts of the Tooth. The image includes the full system view of the tooth (including the crown, root enamel, gum, pulp, dentin, bone, and cementum). The product is made of high quality vinyl that is durable, reusable, movable, dry erasable and has a self-adhesive backing. Installation is simplified without the inconvenience of nails, tape, framing, or thumbtacks.
Suggested Uses: BodyPartCharts are perfect for consultations, report of findings, and procedural explanations. Unlike an everyday anatomy poster, this Simplified Parts of the Tooth chart will assist Dentists and Pediatricians to educate and personalize the doctor-patient relationship. These graphics inspire confidence in any exam room, waiting area, lab area, or classroom setting and create an environment for learning.

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