Ice Packs to Manage Dental Pain

Posted by Joshua Walker on 6/27/2014 to Gum & Oral Health

There are numerous benefits of using ice packs to manage pain. Doctors use cold therapy for treating muscular injuries, arthritis pain, neck and back pain and dental pain. Dentists recommend ice packs for patients after tooth removal, oral surgery and wisdom tooth removal and basically any form of toothache.

The fact that so many dentists feel that ice packs are the best way to relieve toothache only adds to the viability of the product.

Benefits of Using Ice Packs

 Following are some benefits of using ice packs to manage dental pain:

·         Ice packs reduce inflammation, making the affected area appear less swollen and alleviate pain

·         The cold numbs the nerves whereby they are unable to send pain signals to the brain and hence pain relief ensues

·         Ice packs help slow down the blood flow to the affected area, whereby reducing cellular function that in turn prevents further tissue damage

·         Cooling the affected area restricts blood flow that successfully stops any bleeding

·         Ice packs provide instant pain relief so they are a more attractive mode of pain management than hot packs

·         Ice packs help decrease muscle spasms in the affected area

Types of Ice Packs

There are many types of ice packs available in the market. While all of them serve the same purpose, some are more effective than the others:

·         Homemade ice packs: the most common type of ice packs are the ones that people whip up at home by putting ice cubes in a plastic bag then wrapping the bag inside towels, tissues etc. Where these may be effective to relieve pain and swelling for a normal toothache, you cannot rely on them for managing tooth pain associated with surgery

·         Instant Ice Packs: these ice packs contain two chemicals inside. One of the chemicals is inside a smaller pouch within the ice pack. Bursting the smaller pouch by applying pressure causes both the chemicals to react and cools the ice pack. These are good for relieving pain that requires a moderately cool pack rather than a really cold one. However, they are portable and can be stored anywhere

·         Reusable Gel Packs: these gel packs are readily available in the market and can be used several times for both cold and hot therapy. They need to be put in the refrigerator for some time before they can be applied to the affected area. These packs are highly recommended for use after dental surgeries and tooth removal because they can be cooled to as low as 0⁰

Ice packs are an effective, safe and non-invasive way to relieve toothaches, swelling and gum bleeding. Use only the best quality ice packs to ensure longevity of the product and safe use. Click here to get the best quality ice packs that you can have personalized. 

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