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Cleanwheel Neurological Pinwheel

Finally a disposable, sterile, individually wrapped wartenburg pinwheel!

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Cleanwheel (Sterile Disposable Individually Wrapped) Box of 36
Cleanwheel (Sterile Disposable Individually Wrapped) Box of 36
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Cleanwheel Neuro Pinwheel 

In terms of a neurological pinwheel that is a vast improvement over the Wartenburg pinwheel, the Cleanwheel Neuro Pinwheel is a medical pinwheel that is definitely worth a serious look. The more research you do on this particular product, the more likely it is that you’re going to discover that this truly covers the necessities of a pinwheel, in a fashion that the Wartenburg version simply can’t match.

 There has been a lot of talk in the neurological pinwheel world that the Cleanwheel Neuro is significantly different from the Wartenburg pinwheel in a variety of ways. Do the homework, and you are almost certainly going to agree with the experts that this is a significant medical pinwheel.

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Cleanwheel Neuro Information

We understand that the neurological pinwheel has been an essential tool for the past several decades. This tool allows a doctor to test the skin sensitivity of a patient in a way that produces clear, definable results. Should the patient fail to feel anything over a certain part of their skin, the doctor will likely make the determination that the patient is likely experiencing loss of nerve function. From this point, the doctor will be in a much better position of deciding which tests are necessary, in order to determine the actual condition the patient is experiencing.

 We understand all of this, and we also know that the Wartenburg pinwheel has been the go-to neurological pinwheel for quite some time. However, the whole concept of the medical pinwheel is about to get a major overhaul, thanks to the Cleanwheel Neuro pinwheel.

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2. Eye Mask (12 Per Case)  Eye Mask (12 Per Case)
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