10x15" Comfort Gel pack (12 Packs per case)

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Our Pro Product packs are:

- Non-Toxic, there are no harmful chemicals like some other hot and cold packs in the market

- Hot & Cold Therapy, all of our packs are microwave and freezer safe

- Remains Flexible, no more hard packs that will not conform to the face.

- Personalized, now you don’t have to give a pack after a procedure with some other company’s name on it. So every time they use the pack they will see your clinic information

- Perfect size for any region that your patient may have inflammation or experiencing discomfort.

- Patient Satisfaction, think about how much more your patients will value your service with the small gesture of a complimentary ice pack.

Heat Therapy Application:

  • Place pack in a microwave safe container

  • Heat pack at full power for 30 seconds. (Time is based on 800watt microwave)

  • Remove pack from microwaveand check for desired temperature.

     If pack is not hot enough, place it back into the microwave for 10 second intervals,
     not to exceed an additional 50 seconds.
NOTE: Over-heating could cause skin burns or pack to rupture.

  • Place pack on area to be treated in a towel or therapy pack sleeve. Treat

  • area for 15-20 minutes, or as medically prescribed.

  • Remove pack and wait approximately 1 hour before reapplying.

Cold Therapy Application:

  • Place pack in freezer for 1 to 2 hours.

  • Place cloth surface of the pack on the affected area, or if the pack is too cold place it in a sleeve or towel. Treat area for 15 to 20 minutes, or as medically prescribed.

  • Remove pack and wait at least 1 hour before reapplying to area.

  • After application, return pack to freezer in flat position. Comfort Gel Pack will remain flexible.

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